396034, Russia, Voronezh region Ramon district,. Novozhivotinnoe Str. Highway, Building 14 A, office 1
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About the company

Agricultural Enterprise "Don" processes 8,800 hectares of the farm land annually. All the agricultural land is located in the Ramon district of Voronezh region. The company employs more than 150 people. The joint venture 'Don' has its own capacities for drying, conditioning and storage: there are administrative building, 2 storage of goods and materials, 12 warehouses for grain, 3 warehouses for the potato storage, grain cleaning and grain dryer complex, weighing room, machine repair workshop, grain laboratory.. In 2014 large-scale investments were made in upgrading the technological base. In total, more than 260 million rubles was invested in the purchase of new equipment, including John Deere tractors and harvesters Acros.

Starch and syrup processing plant Agricultural Enterprise Don

Our Advantages

  • Own raw material base. Own efficient agricultural production guarantees price and quality of raw materials and allows to grow specialized cultivars of corn. It will also allow the plant to claim the status of the agricultural producer.
  • Clear sales. in the first phase of the project the plant would process:
    • Starch - a commodity used in a wide range of industries, ranging from food and ending with the oil (well drilling);
    • Molasses and glucose and fruit syrups - an effective substitute sugar substitute in the confectionery industry;
    • Gluten - an important component of the feed for growing beef cattle.
  • The flexible structure of production. The plant was built with a reserve power, which will allow to increase production or dynamically change the output percentage of molasses / starches with minimal cost, depending on market conditions.
  • The plant has additional social role for the region – the project includes construction in cooperation with local government of waste treatment plants that would serve both factory and rural settlement needs.

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Russia, Voronezh region Ramon district,
Novozhivotinnoe Str. Highway,
Building 14 A, office 1
E-mail: trade@sp-don.ru